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Access Salesforce templates directly from your Mailbox
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No more copying and pasting information. Access your Salesforce templates and automatically merge fields
directly in Gmail.

Optimize results with tracking analysis

Use Ebsta's email template insights to help you measure the performance of each template in real-time and optimize them for higher engagement.Track their open, click and reply rates and improve the performance of your templates with every engagement.

tracking analysis
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Automate templates with cadences

Build a library for your entire team to use with just one click. Organize your templates as you wish without leaving your inbox. Ebsta even shows stats for all Templates created and lets users understand how each template is performing, based on opens and clicks.

Ensure messaging is consistent and on brand

Save hours drafting the same emails repeatedly. Use well-crafted email templates for each stage of the pipeline. Personalize emails to thousands of prospects without breaking a sweat.

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