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New Fundamentals of Sales Forecasting

24th September 2020 - 4:30PM (BST) 11:30am (EST)
  • How sales forecasts have changed
  • The DNA of a deal and the indicators
  • How to identify the health of your pipeline
  • Forecasting visibility across the company
  • How to improve your forecast accuracy
  • The risks and what to avoid

Session Speakers:

Rory Brown
Co-founder & CCO

Kluster Intelligence

Adam Kay
VP of Sales


<div class="quote-image"><span>Guy Rubin</span></br><span>CEO, Ebsta</span>


MD Northern Europe

HRS Group

Sales Expansion & New Frontiers

1st October 2020 - 4:30PM (BST) 11:30am (EST)
  • How to scale a remote sales team
  • Scaling culture and the need of an office
  • How to do more with what you have
  • Scaling internationally during lockdown
  • New sales avenues

Session Speakers:

Managing Director


Co-founder & CEO

Sales Impact Academy



SVP, North American Sales

Smart Action

Your monthly roundup from
sales leadership

Changing the Sales Outlook in Q4

8th October 2020 - 4:30PM (BST) 11:30am (EST)
  • How have targets and priorities changed
  • What can you action today to impact Q4
  • Timestamping your pipeline
  • Value vs ease. Identifying the right deals.
  • Is seasonal selling still a thing?

Session Speakers:

Directo of Sales: Central & SE


VP of Sales


Founder & CEO

The Bridge Group, Inc

Sales Director UKI - SF Solutions

DXC Technology

The Operations of Sales & Revenue

15th October 2020 - 4:30PM (BST) 11:30am (EST)
  • How to turn remote operations into a revenue advantage
  • Have targets and operations changed?
  • Demystifying the forecast
  • What should you be measuring?

Session Speakers:

CRO - Global


Co-founder & Head of Sales Enablement

Enterprise Acc Executive - Head of Partnerships


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