Forecasting Insights

Revolutionize your forecasting by accurately predicting your sales revenue.
Forecasting 2.0
Empower your sales teams with more accurate and up-to-date forecasts.

Improve sales forecasting accuracy

Revolutionize the way you forecast by having better visibility into your pipeline and accurately predicting your sales revenue. By analyzing opportunities in real-time with easily digestable reports, you can identify opportunities at risk faster and improve the performance of your sales team

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Identify opportunities at risk

Use insights from previous deals and real-time deal monitoring to help highlight opportunities at risk in the pipeline. Keep your finger on the pulse of opportunities that have lost momentum, are struggling with low engagement or need more stakeholders. Get a clear picture of everything going on with an opportunity by deep-diving into trend changes, relationships and previous activity.

Close the right deals faster

Never lose sight of where your sales reps are focusing their time by scoring engagement with each opportunity. Help your sales reps quickly identify the opportunities to prioritize in order to hit their quota.

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