OOO & Left Business Detection

Keep your CRM up-to-date and identify revenue at risk faster by automatically capturing when people have left the business.
OOO Alert
How many times does your sale cycle stall from a business departure that you don’t know about or an out-of-office? Move faster by automatically identifying when people have left their business.

Know as soon as someone leaves the business

Ebsta analyzes every email and alerts you in Salesforce of every OOO and disconnected email so that you never pursue a departed or absent contact.

ooo email
ooo record

Quickly identify revenue at risk when people have left

On average, organizations lose as many as 58% of their business relationships every year as the CRM isn't updated and employees leave. Make your CRM the single source of truth by capturing every contact automatically and then track if they ever leave the business.

Build better customer experiences

Tie relationships together through the customer life-cycle, from SDRs and sales managers to customer success and support. Share relationships and previous activities across departments to build a more personal experience for your customer.

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