Ebsta Everywhere

Take the power of Salesforce to where you actively engage with customers
Seamlessly bring the power of Salesforce to all your favorite websites. Ebsta supports 50+ integrations, including LinkedIn, Xing, Zoominfo, Indeed and many more.

Work from anywhere

Ebsta Everywhere moves every rep closer to their customer by removing the back and forth between Salesforce and where they actively engage. Gain one-click access to view, edit and update Salesforce records from wherever you’re working.

linkedin expanded bubble
linkedin expanded bubble

Enhance your CRM experience

Harness the power of LinkedIn by gaining insights while browing profiles on LinkedIn and understanding if a person already exists within the CRM. Easily cross reference LinkedIn with your CRM.

Faster CRM prospecting

Don't waste time copying and pasting contact data from LinkedIn to Salesforce. Simply open Ebsta and easily capture LinkedIn profile information as new Salesforce Contacts, Leads, or accounts in 1-click.

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