360° Activity Capture

Surface the context behind every customer relationship as you move throughout Salesforce
360 degree view
Ebsta dynamically captures and displays every relevant email, meeting and phone call and enters it automatically into your CRM.

Close the CRM gap

It's become too time-consuming to manually enter data into your CRM. Ebsta automates the capture of all buyer-seller activities. Emails, calls and meetings are intelligently picked up and mapped to the right account and opportunities inside Salesforce.

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Have a 360° view of your customer

Ebsta displays every relationship and activity in your CRM so you have immediate visibility of what's going on whenever you view a Lead, Contact, Account or Opportunity. Deliver a better customer experience and improve team collaboration by sharing what's going on with the whole team.

Deliver a more personal experience

Give every team complete visibility of everything going on with each record in your CRM. Know what to prioritize and build better customer relationships by having immediate access to every relationship and previous activities.

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